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Messianic Journeys is a Biblical and Educational Ministry, and in the next few months we are presenting several exceptional tours of Israel with amazing Biblical learning opportunities.

May 24-June 6, 2016: Dr. Michael Rydelnik -- to be posted soon

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Think of gazing over the headwaters of the Jordan or learning the lessons the Lord Jesus taught right on the shore of the Sea of Galilee. Feel the sand in your shoes at Qumran where the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered.  

Picture yourself walking the ancient streets of Jerusalem to the Pool of Bethesda where Isaiah predicted the coming of the Messiah; and Jesus healed the lame man. Pray at the Western Wall and celebrate the Resurrection at the Garden Tomb.

You will visit all the amazing Biblical sites from Dan to BeerSheva to learn, worship, pray, fellowship, sing and rejoice. You will explore the Land of the Scriptures yourself and meet with Israelis to learn first hand about their life. You will explore the fulfillment of the words of the ancient Jewish prophets at street level in the cities and countryside of God'sPromised Land. The Scriptures will come alive and the maps in your Bible will never again be just lines on a paper.

Come to the Land where the Book was written and the Living Word dwelt. As you study the Scriptures on location, you will encounter the Lord Jesus, the Messiah, in a life changing way.

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Watch our Messianic Journeys Video featuring the stories of folks who recently took a Messianic Journey to Israel with us.

These and many other unforgettable experiences will become a reality for you when you take your Messianic Journeys to Israel . . .
"Arise, walk about the Land, through its length and breadth" (Gen. 13:17).


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You can register for Israel trips online by clicking here. However, if you encounter any problems registering, contact our office for help: 773-761-1956 or e-mail




You can register for trips here on line by clicking Israel TRIPS here. However, if you encounter any problems registering, contact our office for help: 773-761-1956 or e-mail

For a preview of some of what awaits you in Israel, click HERE to explore the GO Israel webpage from the Israel Board of Tourism.

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