We just took time this afternoon to go through all of the pictures. The Easter season will never be the same!
This truly was the perfect trip to Israel. We are certainly happy that we chose Messianic Journeys for this once-in-a-lifetime experience!

Orr family, Indiana

I had so much fun in Israel with Messianic Journeys and felt so SAFE everywhere. Now that I’m back in Michigan,  I find myself going through strong “withdrawal”. . . missing all the Yeshua (Jesus) followers  who were my fellow pilgrims. It was amazing the way everyone came together in love from all around the country. Everyday, I was cocooned by that love and challenged by the Scriptures. I’ve been to Israel several times, but never have I been so enriched by the teaching of the Word, seen so many Biblical sites and had such a feeling of care and concern from everyone:  The Messianic Journeys crew, Dr. Michael teaching the Scriptures, the Israeli guides and drivers, and all the folks you introduced us to along the journey.

Love you all—Brenda, Michigan

My two weeks in Israel with Messianic Journeys changed my life and I will be forever grateful for the hard work you all put into making that happen. Everything was done in excellence. I believe The King was well pleased with how you all represented Him. Now that I know what to expect, I’d like to return; this time with a family member (my first choice with my husband). My prayers are with all of you as you continue providing this blessing to others.

Phil, Chicago, IL

I was on the March/April Journey with you and on the Judah bus. That trip was something I relive in some way on a daily basis and promote that trip to everyone willing to listen. It was a life changing experience.

Bob, Ohio

Thank you so much for all the time, prayer and attention to detail you spent on preparations for our Israel trip, and the personal attention given to us while we were there.  You make the trip so special. We felt protected, cared for and learned so much. Most of all, I believe each of us drew closer in our personal walk with Jesus. The Bible teachings by Dr. Michael and Rabbi Larry on site where events mentioned in the Bible actually took place (or nearby) were so rich and meaningful, making application to our own personal lives. Now when we read Bible passages, we can picture the location in our minds and it makes the Bible come alive more than ever before!

Dorsey Family, Boston

Thank you for the most excellent tour of Israel. It was the most comprehensive tour of Israel  including history, worship in word and song, as well as a personal touch from all the staff.  I was blessed from the beginning to the end!!

Evan, Northern California

I just wanted to thank you for your help in making this trip a wonderful experience for both Pat and I.  We loved our time in Israel most informative and just a great vacation in general.  The guide chosen was excellent and the accommodations were wonderful.  Loved all of it.  Thanks again.

Pat and Lou, Illinois